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Build and maintain wellness in various ways. Get educated. Take action. And thrive. 

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Nutrition is the gateway to good health and disease prevention. If you need help, please contact us

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Hate crimes and hate incident have risen to the highest level. To learn more about how to protect yourself and others, please contact us. 


VACF is offering classes on various health topics upon request. If you would like to request a class in person or zoom, please contact us. 

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Educational webinars and workshops are held monthly to enhance community members' knowledge on a wide range of topics from insurance to health and wellness. 


VACF is offering assistance to community members during these unprecedented times. To learn more about COVID-19 resources, schedule vaccine appointments, and get at-home test kits, please contact us.


Have questions? Contact us! Our team is dedicated to help you and your family get the care that you deserve by breaking down language and social barriers. 

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