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11th Annual Gala


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11th Annual Gala:

The Magic of Hope

NOVEMBER 19, 2023

10401 Warner Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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Our Story

A new name, a new beginning! 

VACF: Vital Access Care Foundation or Vietnamese American Cancer Foundation  

is of the community for the community. 


VACF was founded in 1998 by local cancer survivors, physicians, and community members who recognized immense needs for culturally tailored cancer education and services to the Vietnamese community, where cancer was and is the top cause of death. In 2002, VACF became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has been an integrated part of the community ever since. 


Since its establishment, VACF has worked towards raising awareness, initially about breast cancer then now the most common cancers, through education, screenings, navigation, and support. In addition to raising awareness about cancer, VACF also hosted annual luncheons and dinners for cancer patients, survivors, and co-survivors to address the stigma that surrounds cancer and strengthen and empower those in the community.  


Today, addressing cancer has expanded and transformed into addressing holistic health, especially among the aging population across racial and ethnic groups. That translates into VACF’s updated mission of striving to improve the health and well-being of the community through education, research, advocacy, and service. VACF has become a trusted community center delivering culturally appropriate health messaging and services to remove barriers and achieve health equity in Orange County after 25 years of service. Our programs and services are completely free and directly impact 10,000 lives each year. 


As a grassroots community-based nonprofit organization, VACF is stemmed from and powered by the community. The clients we serve are mostly refugees, immigrants, and seniors who have chronic diseases (such as cancer), low income, limited English proficiency, and are socially isolated due to many socio-economic barriers. VACF has become a place for them to connect and get help. The needs have been increasing tremendously with the aging population growing fast in recent years and will continue to do so.  


With your help, we can continue serving the community that we love and will be one step closer to building a safer, healthier world for future generations to come as we strive to empower the community through outreach and education, early detection and screenings, patient navigation, and physical and emotional support.  


On behalf of VACF and the community we serve, we wholeheartedly appreciate your support. 

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