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VACF is a regional representative of the EWC (Every Woman Counts) Program for Orange County. The Every Woman Counts (EWC) program provides FREE breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services to California’s underserved populations. The mission of EWC is to save lives by preventing and reducing the devastating effects of cancer for Californians.


Please contact with us to learn more about breast cancer, cervical cancer, and your eligibility for the EWC program.

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  • Mammograms

  • Pap tests

  • HPV tests

  • Pap & HPV co-tests

  • Follow-up tests, if needed 

Eligibility For Breast Cancer Screening 

  • Are a women 40 years old or older, you may qualify for routine breast cancer screenings

  • Have symptoms of at any age, regardless of gender, you may qualify for breast diagnostic services

    • Some warning signs and/or symptoms of breast cancer include:

      • Lump, mass or swelling in the breast or underarm

      • Changes in size or shape of breast

      • Change in skin texture and color (dimpling, puckering, redness, scaly skin, or thickening) of the breast or nipple

      • Nipple retraction or inversion

      • Nipple discharge

      • Breast pain

Eligibility For Cervical Cancer Screening 

  • is 21 years old or older

  • have low income (EWC Income Criteria)

  • have no or limited insurance

  • are not getting these services through Medi-Cal or another government-sponsored program

  • live in California

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